April 17, 2017


Spring is here again, and that means warmer weather, more sunshine and unfortunately all the allergens that come with it! But seriously, spring is the time to start cleaning your home, not just to reduce the number of allergens in your home, but to improve the look, feel and atmosphere of your living space and furniture–because nothing gets you ready for spring like a clean home.

When you start cleaning your home this spring, make sure to hit all the trouble spots first, then go in for a deep clean to get your home sparkling and looking like new again. It’s time to shed the bulky layers of winter and enjoy the freer, happier and warmer springtime air. So, start cleaning now and you will enjoy it that much more. Here’s an easy checklist to follow for spring cleaning:


Clean out the closets first. Get rid of all that unwanted junk like old sweaters, blankets, sports equipment or unwanted technology items you no longer use anymore. Update your shelving with new closet systems or just replace those old decaying boxes with newer, durable plastic containers. They last longer and can hold more stuff. Having more space and the right tools to store and organize things always makes the task much easier.


Next, tackle those kitchen cabinets. Clear out the dishware and remove all those plastic containers. Throw out the ones that you no longer use or replace them with higher quality items. Then wipe down the insides of the kitchen cabinets to remove food particles that can attract critters that surface during the Spring. Clean out the dining room cabinets and hutch as well. Mice and other pests become much more prevalent once the weather warms up.

People often forget to clean the furniture; it's just not something people think to do. But furniture is the most likely part of your home to attract dirt.


Your carpets and floors are a very important part of spring cleaning. They absorb moisture, stains, allergens, dust and dirt all winter long. Any dirt from snow melt or the bottom of your boots and clothing becomes trapped inside carpets during the winter. Move the furniture and clean deeply in areas where food crumbs are likely to drop, such as near the sofa and under the coffee table. Then thoroughly vacuum and steam clean the carpets. Steam cleaning will release tough dirt and stains making carpets look fresh, clean and like brand new. Do the same with area rugs.


People often forget to clean the furniture; it’s just not something people think to do. But furniture is the most likely part of your home to attract dirt. Think about it; furniture is used every day. So, it soaks up loads of dirt, food particles and dust. Use a furniture steam cleaner after thoroughly vacuuming up all the loose particles you can find.

Once you are finished, inspect your furniture for damage, stains and wear. Spring is a great time to replace your furniture with brand new dining room or living room pieces to accent your freshly cleaned home from Wickmans Furniture. Stop by our showroom today to pick out the new pieces for your home!