June 4, 2020

Hints For Choosing the Right-Sized Carpet For Specific Rooms

Hints For Choosing the Right-Sized Carpet For Specific Rooms

A rug can make or break the appearance of a room. Whether you prefer a solid color carpet with a deep pile for your bedroom or a woven fiber floor covering for your den, choosing the correct size for your rug makes a huge difference in how your home looks. The next time you are out shopping for a rug, keep these tips in mind for selecting the right size.

In the Living Room

When it comes to the living room several design theories apply when selecting the proper rug size. The first design principle states it is best to have a rug that is large enough to allow all the legs of your furniture to rest on the carpet completely. This is the right approach if your room is large enough to fit an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 rug comfortably. If you are dealing with a tighter space, it is much better to opt for a smaller rug and place just the front legs of all your furniture on it. In an extra-large room, you can use multiple smaller rugs to help break up the expansive space and create smaller areas dedicated to a single activity like socializing or watching TV.

In the Dining Room

A larger rug that will accommodate your dining table and chairs entirely is ideal. By having your table and chairs on a carpet, you can not only eliminate floor scratches from the constantly moving chairs, but you can significantly reduce extraneous creaks while eating. Cabinets and sideboards can be kept off the rug completely for a less cluttered and more intimate feel.

Are you confused about what size rug you need for your room? This simple guide can help!

In the Kitchen

Many people tend to shy away from adding a rug to their kitchen because they are afraid of stains. There is no need when you choose a small and easily washable throw rug. Throw rugs are a fantastic accent to bring extra warmth and a bit of personality to your kitchen. Don’t forget to add a fatigue mat under your rug to help take the pressure off of your feet and relieve back pain.

In the Bedroom

Getting out of bed on a chilly morning shouldn’t involve freezing your feel on a bare floor. That is why it is a good idea to have carpeting next to your bed. You may choose to place two small rugs on either side of the bed or by setting the bed completely on the carpeting. Having a rug under your bed can help with getting rid of nighttime noises that can disturb others. It is possible to increase the sound dampening ability of a rug by placing a heavy floor pad underneath it.

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