November 9, 2018

Four Decor Trends for Fall

Autumn is here! The kids are back in school and you finally have enough peace and quiet to recover from a busy summer. Why not use a bit of your free time to add some fall flair to your home with the latest fall trends?

Color Me Happy

Fall decor for furniture is all about the color! So what is big this season? The trendsetters are reclaiming pinks and blues from the kiddies and giving them a mature makeover. Dark navy blue and pale or rich pinks are finding their way onto all of the top designers’ style books. Those in the know are pairing dark blues with metallic gold for a dark, brooding, yet regal look, while pinks are matched with thin, black metal furniture to add sophistication to a color which otherwise may appear too juvenile.

Bold Shapes and Textures are Big

Geometric patterns are all the rage when it comes to accents such as pillows and throws this season. Whether the design is asymmetrical or repeating it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it is bold enough to catch your eye immediately. Don’t forget that it is not only acceptable to mix shapes and colors these days, but it simply makes good fashion sense to do so. Take your decorating up a notch by incorporating textures into your design. Delight more of your guests’ senses with silky satin, plush velvet, or cold stone.

Geometric patterns are all the rage when it comes to accents such as pillows and throws this season. Whether the design is asymmetrical or repeating it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it is bold enough to catch your eye immediately.

Let Me Look at You Under the Light

This fall’s lighting look is trending towards oversized fixtures with a modern style. That means you should be on the hunt for large, yet sleek lighting fixtures which feature wood and metal. The key is to find something which can make a statement on its own but will not overpower your other decor. It is definitely time to snatch up that simple hoop chandelier or the brass and walnut desk lamp you have had your eye on. Consider taking advantage of technology and purchase a lamp which can pull double duty as a charging station for your phone.

Embrace the Past

It may be all modern when it comes to lighting, but for furniture design, it is time to take a few pages out of the past. Bohemian-chic and more of an arts and crafts feel are dominating furniture trends this year. People are looking for a bit of nostalgia and comfort in today’s hectic environment. This gives you much more freedom to mix and match different styles of furniture as long as you stick to basic design principles such as avoiding clutter, creating a focal point for the room and maintaining an overriding theme for the space.

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