March 30, 2018

7 Signs It’s Time for a New Couch

It’s spring! Time to throw open the windows, deep clean the house and get ready for fun. But what about your furniture? Is it fit for a new season? Is your couch slouching behind the times? Maybe you need to replace it but just aren’t sure. It’s been a part of your home and family for so long. Attached as you may be, here are seven signs that you need a new couch this year.

1. Getting Out or Working Out?

You sit down, and suddenly your knees are higher than your heart. It’s soft and comfortable (maybe), but then your phone rings and you realize with horror that it’s still in the kitchen. By the time someone throws you a rope, you’ve missed your call. Relax, it was probably just your boss.

2. Your Wet Dog Smells Better

Cooking aromas inspire Pavlovian responses unless they happen to be trapped in your sofa. If Fido, wet and dry, makes his home on your couch, he’s left his musk there too. Don’t even ask about what your couch absorbed after a burrito dinner. If the smell of your couch puts up an invisible force field against the drift of aerosol fragrances, it’s time to kick it to the curb.

3. It Looks Like a Rorschach Test

What happens on your couch stays on your couch. Even though most furniture comes with a factory application of an anti-stain sealant, you wear it off over time. Then the product of wine glasses, juice boxes, popcorn bowls and unconstrained mirth start leaving their marks.

When your couch makes your grandmother's five hundred dollar sofa look hip, then you really must reassess your attachment to your sofa. It's just embarrassing the rest of your furniture.

4. It’s Disgorging Its Contents

Cats aren’t the only creatures bent on ripping up your sofa. Extreme use will do the same thing. If your couch appears to have a very upset stomach, don’t wait any longer to trade it for a healthier model. You sure don’t want to absently stuff sofa guts instead of potato chips into your mouth during that blockbuster video you’ve been dying to see.

5. It’s Up on Blocks

Just because your sofa develops weak knees doesn’t mean it’s in love with you. It’s so tired of you, it would run away if it could. Give it your credit card and let it go. You can paint the cinder blocks and use them for planters on your patio.

6. Grandma’s Couch Has More Snazz

When your couch makes your grandmother’s five hundred dollar sofa look hip, then you really must reassess your attachment to your sofa. It’s just embarrassing the rest of your furniture.

7. You Move Your Home Theater into Your Bedroom

When you’re seriously considering moving the large-screen television and sound system into your sleeping quarters because you blanch at the thought of sitting on your couch, it’s time for a new one.

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