August 29, 2017

5 Ways to Cool Off in Summer Without A/C

Late summer in Southern California still means that temperatures are soaring. However, you don’t have to reach for the A/C dial to cool off your home. Try these five great tricks to beat the heat and keep your house more comfortable. 

Five Tricks to Cool Off in Summer Without A/C

Be Selfish When it Comes to Cooling. It is better to concentrate on lowering your body’s core temperature than worrying about the temperature of the air in your entire home. This means you should dress for the weather. Summer clothes with loose, natural fabrics are a must. You can quickly make your body cooler by applying a cold compress to your neck or sticking your feet in a bucket of ice water.

Use Nature to Your Advantage. Help keep your home cooler by opening your windows at night when the temperature is naturally lower and pulling down your shades during the day to prevent the sun from warming the air inside your home. Homeowners who live in a  multiple-story home can open a window on a lower floor and a window on an upper floor on the opposite side of the house; this creates a cross draft which is an effective way to cool your house. Apartment dwellers should ensure that a window on either side of the apartment is open.

Trade in your regular bed sheets for ones specifically designed to keep you cooler while sleeping. Replace your feather or cotton-filled pillow with one stuffed with buckwheat.

Sleep Cool. People spend the majority of the time when they are at home, asleep, so your bed shouldn’t make you feel warmer than you already are. Trade in your regular bed sheets for ones specifically designed to keep you cooler while sleeping. Replace your feather or cotton-filled pillow with one stuffed with buckwheat. Try to place a reusable ice pack at the foot of your bed or invest in a cooling pad. Remember your science classes? Heat rises, so try to sleep on the lower floors of your house.

Create a Swamp Cooler. Place a large box fan securely in the window during the evening when the air is cooler. Make sure to position the fan to draw fresh air from outside into your home. Place a bowl of ice water in front of the fan. Turn the fan on low and blow the cool night air across the ice water and into your bedroom.

Don’t Raise the Inside Temperature. Turn off your lights and don’t run any appliances which generate heat. Avoid taking long, hot showers. Cooking inside can increase the heat in a small apartment significantly. Even in a larger home, you can notice the difference. Instead of cooking inside, try grilling outside. Besides keeping your home cooler, an outdoor BBQ is a perfect way to enjoy summer with your friends and family.

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