October 7, 2019

12 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Small Space

12 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Small Space

Making a small space work is an age-old problem, but there are many ways to go about dealing with it. It’s all in how you decorate your space. Let’s look at some tips and tricks:

Use Mirrors

Mounting mirrors will give the impression of a larger room with a lighter, more airy feel to it.

Dividers Work, Too

It may seem that taking space from an already small room to make a home office wouldn’t be the way to go, but use an antique screen or any makeshift divider to split a room into two. As long as it’s kept tidy, it will work just fine.

Mount Your TV

Electronics take up a lot of space. Consider mounting your TV on the wall. You won’t believe you didn’t do it sooner.

Use Neutral Tones

To trick the eyes, use calm, even tones. They make the rooms look more spacious than they are. You’ll need to add some subtle textures and patterns, though, otherwise, the look will be lifeless.

Add Living Plants

It doesn’t matter how small a space is: Every space is enhanced by living plants. A Peace Lily or an English Ivy both improve air quality and look nice.

Use Double-Duty Pieces

In small spaces, a sofa that is also a guest bed or a dining room table that is also a desk is a huge help.

Find Hollow Furniture

Hunt for hollow furniture pieces like trunks, ottomans, and coffee tables with hinged lids. You can use them to store toys, remote controls, yarn, and crochet hooks, or whatever is in your way.

Get a Smaller Dinette

Do you really need that big dining room table? One way to make yourself some extra space is to opt for a smaller dinette set.

Natural light lifts one's spirits. Open your curtains, and show off the scenery. It doesn't matter what that scenery is. It will add to your home's warmth.

Highlight Your Windows

Natural light lifts one’s spirits. Open your curtains, and show off the scenery. It doesn’t matter what that scenery is. It will add to your home’s warmth.

Make a Wall Desk

Think you don’t have room for an office? Make yourself a wall desk. You can have a mounted wall desk in much less space than a conventional desk and have mounted shelves above it, as well.

Buy Yourself an Island

Invest in an island for your kitchen. An island creates lots of extra counter space for work and doubles as dining space for extra company.

Create Home Zones

You can create different zones in your home, even in a studio apartment, with paint, curtains, dividers, or whatever. Be creative. For instance, the entryway may be painted blue and have multiple coat hooks and a rug to wipe your feet, while the living room is painted yellow and gives you an immediate feeling of being welcome.

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